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Committee & Local Rules


See Rule 24-2.

  1. Stakes defining water hazards, GUR etc.
  2. The tennis court at the 6th hole.
  3. All prepared cart paths and roads regardless of the surface material.
  4. Staked trees.
  5. Timber bridges except within hazards.
  6. Sprinkler heads and valve covers.
  7. Concrete permanent distance markers on the tees.
  8. All signs and distance guide posts.
  9. All gardens, retaining walls and borders and sand boxes.
Out of Bounds
  1. Boundary fences.
  2. White stakes with blue tops on the right hand side of the 6th, 7th and 17th holes.
  3. Fences, lines and stakes around the clubhouse and carpark.
Water Hazards

All ponds, lakes, dams and streams are water hazards. (There are no lateral water hazards on the course). Where defined by burned lines or stakes, the stakes and lines are within the hazard.

Movable Obstructions

See Rule 24-1.

Hoops and ropes including their supporting stakes.

Penalty for Breach of Rules

Stroke Play: 2 strokes

Match Play: Loss of hole

Committee Members
  • President – Natalie McDonnell
  • Vice President – Suzanne Greer
  • Treasurer – Gordon Thomson
  • Captain – Allan Harvey
  • Secretary – Peter Dumbrell
  • Committee – Ron Bower

Download Our Card

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