Club Reports - AGM August 2014

President's Report

Thanks to the committee for supporting me in the role of President. I would also like to thank John Rose for his support and we all hope he is back playing golf very soon. Sad to see that Ray Michelson has moved on and we wish him well.

To recap last year:

The course, last Christmas was less than satisfactory, partly due to the sprinkler system main hose being inadvertently cut up, causing the greens to suffer. Also, at this time, the fuel order was not placed making it impossible to get mowers onto the course so weeds and grass got out of control.

Some improvements on the course have since happened including repairs to damaged greens on the 3rd and 11th as well as soil being put into the old bunker on the 17th.

Paths have been started on 1st, 2nd and 3rd holes the plan is to extend paths on the course where carts do damage. 

The resort is waiting on a quote to create a lake in front of the 18th green, which will feature a timber facade. The fill from the new lake will be put back into part of the existing lake making it smaller and removing the water from the front of the driving range. I've asked in the meantime to either keep the grass shorter or for GUR signs to be placed at the end of the 18th fairway, which I think has happened.

Membership cards as requested for some time have been issued.

New equipment has been ordered including an aerator that will improve the quality of the greens and tees.

On Saturday competitions we've noticed a drop off of members playing, particularly in winter, I've asked the Resort if we can invite locals to join the Club but at this time their focus is to attract more guests to the Resort on Saturdays. This is important for the Club as well as the Resort because to a large degree they are providing a substantial amount of the Resorts’ income.

The Resort want to thank us for our support and they encourage our feedback.

Steve Atkins

Captains' Report

Thanks for electing me Captain of the Kangaroo Valley Golf Club for the 2013/14 season. On behalf of the Committee and all Club members, I welcome any new members to our rather small but friendly, Golf Club. Unfortunately, despite being able to play on such a beautiful and challenging golf course we have had a number of our regular playing members deciding not to renew their membership.

It was another year that wasn’t always plain sailing, especially when the Green keeping staff was having considerable problems maintaining the greens and fairways in the top condition we had become use to. I am happy that, through their hard work once more the greens are no longer fury and are playing true. Considerable effort has also been given, despite the very dry winter, to improving the fairways and the course in general.

Once more we are greatly indebted to Gordon Thomson for his willingness each week to check our score-cards, place them on Golflink, determine the results and allocate the vouchers. Thanks Gordon and thanks to Suzanne Greer who has stood in for Gordon on several occasions. It seems to me that until the Resort employs somebody with these skills or is trained in them it will be, if Gordon is willing, the same again this coming year.

Thanks to the Resort’s management team for their efforts each Saturday morning. The removal of some privileges our members had received for years created some difficult situations at times. One such privilege is when there an odd number turn up to play the one without a partner is forced to decide if they will walk the course, pay the full cart hire fee or go home. Sadly the latter is what often happens.

Without going into the possible reasons it is disappointing to report that there are very small numbers of our Club members turning up to play in the comps on many mornings. Only two members turned up to play in July Medal and Medal of Medals round so both had to be cancelled. I’ve been thinking (that could be dangerous) that as there has been so few starters over the past few months maybe, when there is a threesome, the pair could throw in $5 each to go towards paying for the other cart. This would stop the third member from having the full cart cost. I also encourage all members, when they are down, to make every effort to play in the comp during members times and, as we mainly play mixed competitions, ladies you are more than welcome to play with the men if you are on your own or left with the full cart cost.     

Remember if you are not receiving the weekly Emails containing game results, upcoming events, Match Play details, BBQs, etc. it’s because I do not have your Email address. Once I have it you will also be kept informed. Thanks to Carl Leddy, who continues to include our monthly news and photos in the KV Voice, the Kangaroo Valley Community is also kept up to date. 
Suzie Wright continues to do a great job in her position of Ladies’ Captain. Thank you Suzie and in particular for the excellent job you do maintaining The Club’s Website. New members may not be aware of this easy to access benefit we have for our Club members.

As decided at last year’s AGM we held a Par event and a team event each month. We need to rethink the monthly team event unless we can encourage more participants each week. If you have any ideas how this can be done please let us know. The 2015 programme should be similar with any modifications decided on at AGM. Apart from the proposed Australia Day BBQ our Club’s Long weekend’s BBQs lunches were enjoyed by all and we thank those who made their cabins available, supplied, food, drink and cooked for these events. Their generosity and efforts enabled us to have a good time together after our morning rounds.  Our thanks must go to John Rose for all his effort in supplying the plates, glasses, cutlery, meat and drinks and being the lead cook.

Finally I would like to thank all our Committee members who work so well together making our Club, although small, a great Golf Club.

Ron Bower

Ladies Captain Report

There is no denying this has been a challenging period for our Club. Staffing cutbacks and the many management changes at the Resort have had a major impact on our Club and the course. We saw the course fall into disrepair and experience serious problems with the greens. However, the worst of this now seems to be over, the course is back in great condition and it’s good to see some new paths being added which will be a huge benefit in wet conditions.

We must all remember that our Club is a community group, made up of Kangaroo Valley locals and cabin owners, who all gather for the purpose of enjoying golf, friendly competition and each other’s company.  Changes do happen, will continue to happen and we have to try and work with them as best we can.

Our current arrangement of members turning up and trying to find a playing companion has not been working all that well of late, I would like to encourage you all to open the lines of communication with each other and arrange a playing partner before arriving at the course so as to not be disappointed.  It is easier for speed of play, comparable strokes and ability that ladies play together, this I believe suits everyone.

And now most importantly to golf: 

The Club Championships were played the last weekend of September with the top four ladies from Saturday’s stroke round qualifying for the match play semi-finals that were played on Sunday morning. These were: Natalie Gane, Sue Weeks, Suzanne Greer and myself. The Semis were close matches with Suzanne victorious over Sue while I was successful over Natalie, in the afternoon Suzanne and I played a very close final match that I managed to win.

The Ladies Match Play Competition was successful again this year, after a slightly shaky start with a few forfeits, we managed to have a good round of close matches eventually seeing Ruth Reithmuller victorious over Rachel Underdown in the final.

On a very happy note I would like to congratulate two of our members who have announced their engagement, Laura Gane and Sam Hutchenson are to be married in May, on behalf of the Club I want to wish them every happiness in their future together.

It was wonderful to hear that the oldest member of our Club - Wally Edwards has made a good recovery from recent major surgery. And we are all very pleased to see John Rose enjoying better health and hope to have him back to golf soon.

Remember to check the website for what’s on in our Calendar of Events, you can also check results, and make sure you are available for our Club Championship – qualifying, semis and final on 26 & 27 October, it’s an exciting weekend of golf not to be missed. I would also like to ask you all to encourage new lady members to the Club so as keep us viable.

My thanks to the committee and members for their continued support, I’m looking forward to another year encouraging and promoting ladies’ golf at our beautiful golf course, please continue to enjoy the game of golf and the great company that membership provides.

Suzie Wright

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"Very, very pretty golf course with some excellent holes. The course was in good condition mostly and some of the holes are really good. The par 5’s are a bit short though and the greens the day we played were way too fluffy and slow. Well worth a game, I’m certain you’ll enjoy it. We did."

Located in the Southern Highlands on the South Coast of NSW. An easy two hour drive from Sydney or Canberra and the perfect choice for your next holiday or business stay.