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30 April 2012
Club News - April 2012

Well what a month. Rain, Rain and when it looked like breaking we had more rain. Like all our yards, gardens, farms etc. Our golf course has been extremely wet and bogie so much so that for the first 3 weeks of March the course has been closed every weekend. We did manage to play our medal round on Saturday 25th February even though the fairways and greens were very wet fairways making it difficult to keep a firm footing and reducing the roll on all our shots. Despite the difficult conditions Peter Hughes had a terrific round winning the Medal with a Nett score of 68. John Innes was second with a Nett 71 and Ron Bower was third with a Nett 73. We are hoping for better weather to allow us to play some regular golf.

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28 February 2014
Club News - February 2012

What do you know? The first month of the year has gone already and I hope you all had a great New Years Eve celebrations and wish you all the best for 2012.The Golf Resort held a wonderful, family friendly, BBQ on New Year’s Eve and all those who attended had a great time, enjoying the food and musical entertainment. It was great being at a New Year’s Eve celebration where, not only were kids welcome but, were well catered for.

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31 January 2012
Club News - January 2012

We had a great roll up on Saturday for our Medal Round and Barbeque lunch with 33 turning up for the Barbeque and a great time was had by all. Thanks to Chris Lynch, the Resort manager for those who haven’t met him, for hosting the BBQ at his villa overlooking our beautiful course.

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30 November 2011
Club News - November 2011

Not sure why but only a few showed up to play in the Stableford comp on Saturday 22nd October but despite the small field some great golf was played. Shelia Young wining the day with a very good score of 41points, John Innes was second scoring 37 points and Suzanne Greer finished third with 36. Morning drizzle met us as we teed off for the October Medal round on Saturday 29th and despite the cool weather Mike Hinton and Norris Ingrisch were running hot. Mike won the medal having a Nett 65, Norris was second with a Nett 67 and Ron Bower finished third scoring a Nett 71. Suzanne Greer was back in form for 5 November Stableford comp winning the day with 37 points.

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31 August 2011
Club Reports - AGM August 2011

Thanks, once again, for honouring me with the position of Club Captain for the last three years. I take this opportunity to welcome all the new members to a Golf Club that is, although small, extremely friendly. In our club we are all considered equal (except for our golfing skills) and have the privilege of playing on a great course wonderfully maintained by Richard Hooton and his team.

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31 August 2011
Club News - August 2011

Saturday morning, the 18th June, although not raining was cold and all areas of the course were extremely wet. The greens were fluffy & slow due to the inability to mow them close. If this wasn’t bad enough it was also our monthly Par round and only one player, Ron Bower, managed to play to their handicap. The one positive was that there we had enough starters for both a Women’s and Men’s Competition.

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31 May 2011
Club News - May 2011

Despite the forecast of a wet Easter the weather was kind to us and the Easter cup was played in mostly fine weather. Each player submits their two best scores for the weekend to decide the winner. An individual Stableford competition was also played on each day of the weekend. All the winners had very impressive scores with Robbie McDonnell, a visitor, winning the Good Friday comp with 41 points. Joan Edwards won on Easter Saturday with 39 points, Suzie Wright was the winner on Easter Sunday with an outstanding score of 44 points and John Innes won on Easter Monday with 39 points. Suzie Wright was a comfortable overall winner with a total of 81 points, well done Suzie, Robbie McDonnell finished second overall with 77 points for his two best rounds.

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30 April 2011
Club News - April 2011

Well what a month, the driest February and early March for many years and then the rain came. The February Medal Round was played in fine weather with Jeff Levey in fine form winning the monthly medal with a nett 69, Rick Donaldson was second with a nett round of 71 and John Seyffer finish third with his nett 72. On Saturday 5 March Steve Atkins won the Stapleford comp. beating John Rose and Shelia Young on a countback with all three scoring 37 points. Weather wise, Wednesday 9 March, was another great day and Peter Dumbrell blitz the field with his exceptional score of 44 points. Gordon Thomson would have had every right to feel a little disappointed as his score of 40 points would have won on most other days. Ron Bower was third with 35 points. Those who played in the morning of Saturday 12 March had great weather once more but, unfortunately, for those who played in the afternoon were swamped by torrential rain when a storm hit around 3 in the afternoon.

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31 March 2011
Club News - January/February/March 2011

We had a great BBQ lunch on Saturday 29 January, after the morning comp. which was attended by around 40 club members and their partners. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet informally at one of the many scenic locations around the course. Well done all those who helped organise and cook the food. We are looking forward to the next one in a few months time. It was also a time we could show our appreciation to Harry and Janice for their enthusiasm, professionalism and hard work in running the Resort and overseeing the magnificent improvements made to the course over their 7 years of management. Thanks again Harry and Janice.

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30 November 2010
Club News - October/November 2010

Good conditions for golf on Saturday 23 October allowed some excellent Stableford score with Dinny Mandalis winning the day with 44 points, Mike Hinton was second with 40 points and Suzanne Greer’s 38 gave her third position. The following Wednesday, 27 October, the good score continued with Suzanne Greer improving on her third winning the day with a 43, Dinny Mandalis was second with a 39 and John Innes finished third with a score of 36 points.

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"Very, very pretty golf course with some excellent holes. The course was in good condition mostly and some of the holes are really good. The par 5’s are a bit short though and the greens the day we played were way too fluffy and slow. Well worth a game, I’m certain you’ll enjoy it. We did."

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