Club Reports - AGM August 2012

Captains' Report

You have given me the privilege of the Captain of the Kangaroo Valley Golf Club for the last four years. It is a position not to be taken for granted and I trust I have been able to meet your expectations. I believe this is an appropriate time, on behalf of the Committee and all Club members, to welcome all the new members to our small, but extremely friendly, Golf Club. I am proud to be Captain of a Golf Club where all members, apart from our golfing skills, are considered equal and are privileged to play on this scenic, interesting and very challenging golf course, which is kept in such great condition by Richard Hooton and his team.

On behalf of our Club I want to thank Chris Lynch, the Resort Manager, for his help and support over the year and Sam Neilson, in the Pro Shop, for his welcoming smile and assistance each week. I consider him a great asset for the Resort. We look forward to working together for the benefit of the Kangaroo Valley Golf Club members and all the golfing visitors to the Resort.

Thanks again to Carl Leddy, the editor of the KV Voice, for his support in always including our monthly results in his paper as it promotes our Club in the Kangaroo Valley Community. I distribute the weekly results and the Voice Report, with photos, by Email, to Club members. If you are not receiving them it is because I do not have your Email address. I am always happy to add additional names to my list. If I have your Email address you will also be kept informed of upcoming events such as team competitions, the Match Play details, club BBQs, etc.

Results are kept up to date on our great Website by our Women’s Captain, Suzie Wright. We are continually thankful for her inspiration and hard work in, not only setting it up a few years ago, but also in keeping it up to date. Thank you Suzie, we greatly appreciate your effort. It is easy to access and move from section to section so if you haven’t visited it already I encourage you to do so. It certainly is a wonderful tool for our Club members and its promotion.

We again included a couple of team events, which have been well supported, considering so many of our members live outside the Valley. The Club’s after golf BBQs lunches have been very successful. We thank those who allowed us to invade their cabins for these events and those who supplied the food and drink. Through their generosity and efforts we were able to have a great time enjoying the views, food, drink and getting to know each other better. Particular thanks must go to John Rose for all his effort in supplying the plates, glasses, cutlery, meat and drinks.

We thought we had too much rain during our 2010/11 Season but it was nothing compared to this season. Three weeks were completely washed out and the course was very wet and boggy much of the time thus it was necessary on the majority of weeks to play “preferred lies”, and take relief from plugged balls on the fairways and sometimes ‘through the green’ with the bunkers being GUR on the very bad days. The wash outs made us re-think our policy on washed out Medal rounds. We decided to now play them the following Saturday.

Despite all the rain and continual wet conditions; Richard and his team, through their skills and dedication, made it possible for us to still play on those days. Of course it meant it was necessary to use the carts with extreme care ensuring we kept to the designated paths.  
Our trial of playing our championships over the October Long Weekend did not draw the extra participants we were hoping for. In fact we had considerably less than usual. Although being able to play the qualifying round and have our BBQ lunch without any interruption from the rain, it bucketed down on the Saturday night resulting with the course being closed at around 10:00am and only a couple of semi-finals were able to be played on the Sunday and Monday. This resulted in it being a few months before all finals were completed. We now realise long weekends don’t work.

To prevent a reoccurrence of last year’s problems of matches taking months to complete we have decided that if inclement weather prevents play during any championship round the remaining matches must be played on or before on the following weekend.

Once more, despite the washed out weekends, we were able to satisfactorily complete a Match Play competition although we had to extend some of the advertised completion dates. Thanks to our Ladies’ Captain, we were able to conduct both a Men’s and Ladies’ Match Play competition. This initiative took away the disadvantage our women face, due to the different Par rating on a few of the holes, when they play men in Match.

Finally I would like to thank all our Committee members who work so well together making our Club, although small, a great Golf Club.

Ron Bower 

From the Ladies Captain

This year it was fantastic that we could enlist 13 lady members to compete in our first Ladies Match Play Competition. The range of handicaps and number of shots that had to be given made for some close matches and I hope the “match play experience” was a positive one for our newer members.  Hopefully, we will have a few more sign-up for next year’s match play comp.

It’s always a challenge finding ladies to play, especially when the majority of our members live outside the Valley. In saying that I am very happy to report that despite the weather conditions and course closures, already mentioned by our Mens’ Captain, competition numbers allowed us to have six separate Ladies Comps during the past season, a great outcome considering we have so few ladies playing on a regular basis.

I look forward to another year of good golf and dropping handicaps for all our lady members and once again would encourage you to open the lines of communication to each other and organise to play as often as possible.

The Club’s website is there for all of us, to check what’s on and see our results. Your feedback and any suggestions on improvements we can make to the website are very welcome.

Ron has already thanked the Resort and Committee and I support his comments wholeheartedly, along with a special thank you to Ron and Sam for all their work organising competitions, compiling results and getting them to us in a timely manner.

Suzie Wright

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AGM Committee
At the AGM the Committee looking diligent.
AGM Club Members
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"Very, very pretty golf course with some excellent holes. The course was in good condition mostly and some of the holes are really good. The par 5’s are a bit short though and the greens the day we played were way too fluffy and slow. Well worth a game, I’m certain you’ll enjoy it. We did."

Located in the Southern Highlands on the South Coast of NSW. An easy two hour drive from Sydney or Canberra and the perfect choice for your next holiday or business stay.