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17th hole
17th Hole

Kangaroo Valley Golf Course History

Kangaroo Valley Golf Course was the brain-child of local, Warren Wright. It was developed from the family dairy farm. In the late 1980s, Warren relocated the Woolshed, now used as pro shop, bar and restaurant from Darlington Point, built the first cabins together with the pool and tennis court. Initially the 9-hole course was of Warren's design (although he had never played a game of golf). 

Warren then commissioned Jack Newton to plan a new 18-hole layout from aerial photos of the site, using the tennis court to provide scale. This course was partly constructed by Newton staff and finished off by Warren. 

Following a change of ownership in 1994, the course was transformed by current member, Philip Mudie. The work was extensive. Greens were re-located, reconstructions undertaken and the shape and topography of most of the greens altered. New tees were set up for all the holes, the creek at 18 moved and other bunkers and strategic mounds added. Phil organised the conversion of putting surfaces from couch grass to Bent grass, secured the practice ground and oversaw the construction of new dams between holes 9 and 16. 

The inaugural golf club competition was played on 1st June, 1996. Most of those playing in the first comp are still members to this day. 

Late in 1996, the ownership changed yet again and Ken McKay was commissioned to complete construction of greens at holes 9 and 12 and the present 13th. Greens 14, 15 and 16 were re-surfaced and dams on 13 and 16 filled. 

Sopho Pty Ltd, a company solely owned by Charles Tarbey, purchased the site in 1997 after it had been left vacant and untended for some 18 months, bringing it back into operation with the help of Bruce Hodgson. 

Since this time, additional tees have been constructed at holes 7 and 9, the dam at 14-15 has been enlarged and some landscaping has been added near some of the tees. The concrete and gravelled cart paths which make travelling around the course somewhat easier are the most recent additions. 

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"Fantastic all-round golf/weekend getaway. My wife and I have played Kangaroo Valley a number of times now and always look forward to a weekend away down there. The course is always in beautiful condition and is long, generally quite wide and open, and always challenging. A couple of long water carries and picturesque high tees looking over the Kangaroo Valley would be highlights. It's up and down so a cart is a good option. We would recommend making a weekend of it and staying in one of the self contained on course cabins. Great log-fire restaurant on site, as well as the town of Kangaroo Valley. Definitely a 5 star weekend."

Kangaroo Valley Golf Course is located in the Southern Highlands on the South Coast of NSW.