Club Reports - AGM August 2010

Captains’ Report AGM

I would like to thank you all for honouring me with the position of Club Captain for the second year and take this opportunity to welcome all the new members to our small but extremely friendly club.

We have continued writing a monthly Club news article for the Valley Voice which includes photographs, competition results etc. For those of you connected to would have received the monthly Emails, enhanced with colour photos. This helps to promote our Club in the Kangaroo Valley Community and keep all members regularly informed of the competitions results. Thanks again to Carl Leddy, the editor of the KV Voice, who always finds space in his paper for article.

Suzie Wright has been working hard on setting up a new Club website which should be online in the next week or two. Suzie has done a great job with, amongst other enhancements, course and committee and member’s photos, club membership details and the facilities for competition results and coming events to be posted regularly.

We had to modify this year’s program a little a few months ago by eliminating the team competitions as a number of times they had to be cancelled due to the small number of starters on the day. As so many of our members live outside the Valley we have no way of knowing how many starters there will be on any given Saturday.

The Committee has had discussions with the Resort Manager, Harry Brittan, to discuss the necessity to introduce “preferred lies” during the winter months. It was decided that as the course is maintained in good condition throughout the year then this was not required as a general rule. The senior greenkeeper could, at times, ask for “preferred lies” to be played if bad weather conditions severely effects the playing conditions of the course.

Another concern I have had is related to “plugged balls”. Rule 25-2 provides “Relief without penalty for a ball embedded in its own pitch-mark (in the ground NOT the grass) in any closely-mown area through the green” The definitions state that a closely-mown area is when the grass is cut at fairway length or shorter. Our course, due to the mountainous terrane and natural springs has a number of areas, in locations with the grass longer than fairway length that remain extremely wet and muddy for weeks after the rain has stopped. If a ball plugs in these areas relief may be taken without penalty under Rule 21-1 “Abnormal Ground Conditions” or if embedded in the ground of the green surrounds that have been cut longer than fairway length due to the muddy conditions.

Remember it is the responsibility of each one of us to guarantee that fairness and equity, for all players, is maintained at all times.

Ron Bower

Lady Captains' Report

Suzie Write
Suzie Write

As Ladies Captain I must admit there’s not much for me to do, as the majority of our competitions are mixed events and I must say it is great to see couples playing together. However, earlier this year the committee agreed that if we have eight or more ladies playing we are competing in our own competition. I am hoping that in the months ahead we can target one Saturday a month and encourage more of our Lady Members to play.

I also know that a few cabin owners are new to golf and I would like to welcome them and encourage them to join us, the views are great even if the golf isn’t.

As Ron has said the website is almost finished and I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions when we go live. I have included as many photos of members as we could find and we will change and update these often, I will send the address via the members’ blast when we are ready to go.

Suzie Wright

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